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Coverage waiting period may be expedited with proof of prior coverage's expiration date provided there was no lapse in coverage. 5. Claims Procedure. 5. 1. Before Making a Claim. Prior to making a claim you should: i Immediately contact the proper authority in the event the malfunctioning appliance or system has the potential to cause injury to You or anyone else present in or near your home; ii Shut down the malfunctioning appliance or system to prevent further damage; and iii Determine if the malfunctioning appliance or system is covered under this Agreement. 5. 2. If Covered. If this Agreement covers the malfunctioning appliance or system, you MUST contact Select PRIOR to obtaining service on the malfunctioning appliance or system.

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You are talking about home warranty plans from years ago, things have changed in the last few years.

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it costs between $100 250.

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In the end, I wanted my freezer not to freeze everything inside.

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It is not worth the wasted time.