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Cookbook essentials – Tips for creating your own cookbook

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If you love spending time in the kitchen cooking, learning and creating new recipes than you definitely need your own cookbook. Creating your own cookbook is a rewarding experience, especially if you have unique recipe and flavours you want to pass down to your children and their children.

Step 1; the layout and design of your book

What is the right trim size?

The size of your book definitely matters depending on the content and intended purpose. For instance, if you want to start cupcake recipe cookbook, you will definitely need a small notebook as opposed to a full-sized portrait book. Consider a smaller book for smaller recipes and larger one for recipes that have long ingredient lists and complex instructions.

Create the layout in advance

Before you start a new page on your cookbook, you want to ensure you have the layout completely though out. Create some templates so you can know which type of arrangement will suit your cookbook best. If you are going for a landscape cookbook, ensure the photo arrangement is in landscape format and vice versa to save on the space.

Create the themes/sections in advance

Even cookbooks can benefit from a good outline. You can just start writing random recipes on your book; it makes it harder to spot a specific recipe in future.  Before you start gathering your recipes and taking pictures, you need to create an outline. It will save you much time and also restrict you from writing down basic recipes.

Step 2; Writing on your cookbook

Rough copy

This is your one-time chance to create a good recipe book with minimal mistakes. We are bound to make a mistake here and there when noting down the recipe, which is why you should always have a rough copy to begin with then transfer the recipe to your official cookbook.

 A great dish does not automatically mean you have the recipe nailed down. To get a good recipe, you need to make the dish several times and ensure it come out great every time. Every time you cook, carefully take down some notes so you can know what t alter before you put down the recipe in your book.

Proofreading is an important part of creating your cookbook. Any wrong measurements could ruin your whole recipe.

Be consistent

Consistency in a cookbook can be very tricky. One variation in a recipe could leave you confused or ruin the entire dish. For instance, if you are using butter in your recipe, make sure to state if it is salted or unsalted.

Follow a similar recipe structure

Cookbooks are meant to be structural; You cannot be writing your recipes in different formats. Start with the title, image, introduction, equipment list, ingredients, cooking instructions, serving suggestions and end with a footer.

Final word

The image is an important part of the cookbook, it gives the chef an idea of what to expect and motivates them throughout the cooking process. This means that you need to put effort and time into taking high quality images of meals you cooked and want included in the book.